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How to Slay Open Mic Night at KTV Lounge and Bar in Dubai?

Open mic can be scary. It is admissible that we have all experienced it – our hearts pounding in a staccato rhythm against our ribs, palms slippery with anxious sweat. Even the most devoted shower lover could be petrified due to the fear of open mic. But you cannot deny the fact that the open mic is one of the most thrilling experiences one could ever have. Open mics are quite popular in KTV lounges, so here we have discussed how to keep your fear aside and rock the open mic session at the best KTV lounge in Dubai.

What is a KTV Lounge and Bar? 

KTVs are run as private karaoke rooms in Dubai that are equipped with screens, LEDs, speakers, and comfortable plush settings. They are very intimate settings and allow privacy to the customers, where they can sing and converse like nobody’s watching. These are the best ways to spend your evening if you do not want to go to crowded and loud spaces such as clubs and discos. 

However, let’s give you everything you need to really rule the KTV stage before you grab the mic and let your inner Beyonce loose. These five tips can help you go from being a trembling karaoke kitten to a booming powerhouse – 

  • You will likely be tempted by the latest siren song that tops the chart. Instead, choose a song that you are utterly comfortable singing and that makes your feet tap and your spirit soar. It can be something you’ve been singing along to in the shower for years. Confidence and familiarity go hand in hand.
  • Calm your nerves before a performance with a bit of bravery. But keep in mind that the idea is to highlight your magnificence rather than smother it in tequila. Take a sip, relish the taste, and allow the butterflies of anxiety to dissipate into confident, elegant gazelles.
  • You are entertaining a room full of possible allies, not just yourself, with your singing. Look people in the eye, smile, and take control of the stage. A little goes a long way, and even the most stoic audience member may be won over with a perfectly executed air guitar solo – even if it is not perfect, people will appreciate your confidence.
  • It’s about enjoying the bliss of music, the excitement of vocalising, and the companionship of a group of people brought together by a common interest. So go ahead, have some fun, and rule that stage.

To slay the open mic session at KTV bar in Dubai, all you need to do is understand that not everything will be perfect or go as planned in Dubai Karaoke Bar. Knowing this will let you have fun instead of sulking nervously. Ready to rock the KTV stage like the legend you were born to be? Visit Makati Karaoke Lounge, as they are open for an open mic session this festive season.